What is a college course equivalency tool?

The College Course Equivalency Tool is a service offered by colleges and universities to help students planning to transfer. The tool allows students to explore thousands of courses at various colleges and universities. This helps students figure out what course credits can potentially transfer over to another school and what doesn’t. 

The information you find in the tool database does not represent an official list of transferable coursework from any school. The available data can change at any time and does not guarantee or officially determine course credit transfer. 

So who’s responsible for determining what transfers and what doesn’t?

The school you attend or plan to attend will officially determine what could potentially transfer over. Each school has its requirements and version of the tool. As such, you should conduct the transferring process directly through your school.  

Some schools don’t have a tool available. The good news is that the number of schools using this tool is increasing each year. So hopefully, your respective school will soon provide this tool.

What to do if your school doesn’t offer the equivalency tool?

If your school doesn’t provide this tool, we recommend contacting their register and/or admissions office. Your school should provide instructions on how to determine if your previously earned credits will transfer over. 

Similarly, this tool includes a high amount of courses, but some courses may not be included. 

What should you do if your course is not available in the tool?

Suppose any of the previous courses you took are not available in the tool. In that case, we recommend reaching out to the school directly. They may be able to make an exception or provide further instructions on what steps to take next. In some instances, schools offer an Equivalent Course Request form, allowing students to submit any course that is not currently in the tool. 

We hope this article provides some clarity on what is a college course equivalency tool. If you’re interested in learning more about transfer credits, feel free to click here.