What is a Transfer Credit?

Transfer Credit is a college course credit earned at a higher education institution or program. Said course credit can later be transferred and accepted by another educational institution. 

For example, if you take Calculus at a community college, you can transfer the credits you earned to another community college or four-year institution. 

Why do students Transfer Credit?

There are many reasons why students opt for transferring credits from one school to another. Each preference varies from student to student, but students typically transfer Credit for the following purposes:

Less financial responsibilities

Many students and their families can’t afford a college education at a four-year college. However, community colleges tend to be cheaper than four-year colleges. 

As a result, many students sign up for college courses at a community college while in high school to begin their four-year college at an advanced level. 

Entering the first-year college at an advanced level means students won’t have to take some general education courses. 

Ultimately, the more transfer credits a student takes, the more they can save in college tuition. 

Accelerated graduation/meet graduation requirements

Starting college with numerous transfer credits can increase the student’s probability of graduating early. 

They can potentially graduate in less than four years if they enter college with a substantial number of credits.

Ways you can earn Transfer Credit

Students can earn Transfer Credit in several ways, including:

  • AP (Advanced Placement) classes 
  • College-to-college course credit transfer
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • Credit-by-Exam through the American Council on Education (ACE)
  • Military training 

How to find out if your credits will transfer?

Receiving schools decide which transfer credits it will accept. Usually, students can determine what credits will transfer over by consulting their new school’s admissions or registrar’s office. 

Additionally, suppose you were already assigned an academic advisor. In that case, you can ask them if the classes that you took at another institution are transferable.