What is an articulation agreement?

Interested in transferring schools? Then you’re going to need to know about articulation agreements!

Colleges have formal agreements or partnerships, known as articulation agreements between two or more schools. These agreements outline the transfer policies for specific programs and degrees between the institutions involved.

Articulation agreements help streamline transfer processes and maximize the number of credits students can transfer between schools.

These transfer agreements most commonly occur when a student attends a community college or online school and intends to transfer to a 4-year institution. Academic Departments for all schools included in the agreement spend months establishing the agreement and ensuring course work is aligned with the curriculum requirements for all institutions.

Below we outline how articulation agreements help you:

  • It helps you select what community colleges or online schools to enroll in based on their partnerships with 4-yr institutions you want to attend.
  • It outlines specific guidelines for course curriculum to ensure you maximize your credit transfer potential.
  • Since Academic Departments already approve all schools’ curriculum, it reduces your chance of repeating classes or missing out on requirements for graduation.
  • You save money by attending a lower cost of school to complete general education requirements before transferring to a 4-yr College/University.

Many schools market their agreements with 4-yr institutions to help draw in and attract more students. If you want specifics on different transfer options, you should contact the schools directly and work with their admissions teams for more details. You can also search online for transfer programs as a starting point for your research!

Good luck!