What is college credit transfer equivalency?

Are you worried about your college credit transfer equivalency?

These days, many students begin their college education in community college to help save money. That leaves many people dealing with college credit transfers. 

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, your best bet is to talk to an academic counselor at your current college. 

How to understand college credit transfer equivalency

All colleges are different; that’s why speaking to someone at your community college or university is essential to ensuring that your credits transfer correctly. 

First, make an appointment with an academic advisor at your current school. At that appointment, you’ll want to know what schools you’re considering a transfer to. 

Your academic counselor will look up your current transcript and give you an idea of what transfers to each of the schools you’re considering. Keep in mind, since there are so many variants from one school to the next, it may take some time to get the answers you’re looking for. 

Academic Counseling for College Transfers

Next, your academic counselor will review your credits and give you a general idea of what will transfer over to your new schools. They may have to contact some of those schools directly to inquire about additional transfer credits. 

Once they fully understand what transfers and what doesn’t, they’ll be in touch to let you know. 

Considerations When Transferring

If you’re considering transferring to another school, you might want to look into which other colleges or universities have articulation agreements with your current school. This will help give you a sense of which schools are easier when transferring your credits. 

If none of the schools you’re considering have articulation agreements, remember that the transfer process might be a little more involved. As long as you prepare early, by meeting with an academic advisor or someone at your current school, you should have no problem getting transferred to the school of your choice.