What is the transfer equivalency database?

Similar to the College Credit Transfer Portal, the Transfer Equivalency Database helps students with transfer planning. 

The Transfer Equivalency Database is a tool offered by colleges and universities around the United States. This database houses thousands of transfer credit equivalencies. This allows students to search for equivalent courses among the school’s academic system.  

Typically, this database contains a history of how courses have transferred to a specific school. However, the information you find in the database does not represent an official list of transferable coursework from any school. 

In fact, the database serves as an unofficial resource to identify potential transfer credit and your new school’s associated course equivalent. It’s not an official determination nor a guarantee of transfer credit. 

The school will officially determine whether or not your credit will transfer over based on their criteria. 

Why should students use this database?

With this tool, students can get an idea of how their previous course work could be applied to their new school degree. For example, your previously earned credits are officially reviewed towards your new school’s degree program after completing the new student orientation and submitting the transfer credit evaluation online form.

How to use the database?

The answer to how to use the database varies from school to school. Nonetheless, students can typically search for course credits by entering the last school name, state, and course name. 

Do all schools provide this tool?

No, the Transfer Equivalency Database is not offered across all colleges and universities. However, every year, more and more schools are providing this tool to their students. 

What to do if your school doesn’t offer the database tool?

If your school doesn’t provide this tool, we recommend contacting their register and/or admissions office. Your school should provide instructions on how to determine if your previously earned credits will transfer over.