What Percentage of Students Change Majors?

Changing majors when you are in college is not an uncommon practice. In fact, it’s recorded that at least 80% of college students change their majors at least once. If you are thinking of changing your major, it’s better to finalize that decision sooner than later. Changing your major could result in delaying graduation.

Top Reasons Why Students Change Majors

Here are some of the top reasons students reported when asked why they changed their major:

  • They were not interested in the material they were learning or studying.
  • There was a lack of understanding of the information being taught.
  • Students found their previous major did not have many job opportunities after graduation and wanted something with a more attractive compensation range.
  • Some students said that they ignored their true calling and were pressured into registering for their previous major. This usually happens if parents pressure their children into a particular career path that might not be right for them.
  • They rushed into making their decision and did not evaluate all of their options.
  • The learning environment was not a good fit for them. Maybe there were too many lecture halls or lab work that was not a good match for their learning abilities.
  • Their previous major was not enjoyable, and they needed a change.

If you read that list and see that some of these items apply to you, then maybe it’s time to explore other options.

Top Majors Students Change Out Of

Not everyone picks a major that they want to stay in. Here’s a list of the most common majors that students reported changing out of:

  • Math Programs
  • Natural Science Programs
  • Education
  • Humanities Programs
  • STEM Majors
  • Engineering
  • General Studies

These programs are not bad programs to pursue. They just happen to be some of the more common programs students choose to switch out of, so take the time to evaluate your options.

When deciding to change your major, it’s important to take your time to think about what’s best for you. For more information about how to choose your new major, click here.

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