Can I use a college essay editing service?

Like every step in the college application process, the essay portion is crucial. Many refer to the essay as a personal statement where students can showcase their character, ideals, and values. 

For many, college essays can make or break their chances of getting accepted into their top schools. As such, college essays must be edited with attention to detail. 

College essay editing services are available for students who want to polish their essays before sending it over to schools.

The College Admission Scandal has brought more to light the limitations students have when using third party assistance for their college admission process. As a result, this article will discuss if you can use editing services to help with your college essay.

What is a College Essay Editing Service?

The vast majority of college essay editing services aim to help students learn and improve their writing abilities. These services are acceptable learning tools for those looking for assistance, academic tutoring, and guidance. 

Many may think of editing services as “tool(s) that do all the work for students.” In reality, editing services are meant to assist students academically. Below, are some ways students can benefit from these types of services:

  • Editing 
  • Mentoring
  • Research 
  • Organization

What are the consequences of using college essay editing services?

There are no direct consequences for using a college editing service. This doesn’t exempt schools from individually setting their restrictions and values. 

To find out if the schools on your list don’t allow college essay editing services, we recommend visiting their websites and/or reaching the admission office.

What to expect

Editing service companies are composed of writers from various backgrounds. Many of their employees are recent college graduates who understand what it’s like to write from a high school student perspective.

  1. First, you will get matched with a professional writer.
  2. You’ll get a chance to share your ideas. During this step in the process, you can choose the theme of your essay. If you have a rough draft, this is the perfect time to share it with the writer.
  3. The professional writer will edit your draft and provide suggestions based on their reviews. The writer might take this time to suggest how you should organize your essay to make it more compelling.
  4. In the final step, the writer may provide a model draft based on your initial ideas. You can revise and edit the draft as you see fit, before sending it over to colleges.

Tips for Choosing the Right Service for You

Now that you know that you can use college essay editing services, it’s time to go over some tips for choosing the right service. 

  • Thoroughly research each service – Make sure you know what you’re signing up for. Ask for samples of their editing work, and make sure you’re pleased with their previous services. 
  • Only sign-up for top-rated services – Go for the option that has four and 5-star reviews. Why? Highly-rated services tend to be more credible and will give you more for your money. You can check for reviews through Google, Facebook, Reddit, etc. 
  • Choose the editing services with the best writers – You should want the best of the best, so don’t hesitate to go with the service with the best writers. 

Choosing the right service for you will eliminate any headaches and consequences. In addition to polishing up your essay!