Do coding bootcamps offer job placement?

In short, yes, some coding boot camps offer job placement for graduates.

Coding boot camp, also known as dev boot camp, is a technical program that teaches students programming and coding skills. These skills can be used to develop software that programs computers and machines to communicate with each other.

After students receive their certification or degree they are able to begin using their skills immediately to solve real-world programming problems. However, finding a job after graduation can be difficult. Luckily, there are several schools that guarantee employment or delay tuition repayment for their students.

When choosing a school, it’s important to research all potential benefits.

Job Placement Guarantees

If a school offers job placements for graduates, be sure to read to the small print, as there are often certain rules and stipulations associated with this guarantee. These stipulations might include a requirement to submit a certain number of applications or a promise to accept any job offered to you. This means students may have to accept a position that they’re not interested in or may not pay as well as others.

Generally, coding boot camps job placement guarantee benefits are broken down into 3 categories:

  • Tuition refunds if you do not land a job within a certain time period
  • Some schools will help you get a full-time position with a salary
  • Schools that help with job offers or apprenticeships

Bootcamps that offer job placement upon graduation generally have strong programs that are highly regarded.

Deferred Tuition

Some boot camps offer deferred tuition, which means they have a grace period or delay accepting tuition payments until graduates find employment. This is a popular option for students because they have the ability to save money and pay back their loans once they are in a more stable financial situation.

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Bootcamps that offer deferred tuition or job placement guarantees will ultimately help students learn more skills that will make them more desirable in the workplace.