Do college students have access to health insurance?

Yes, college students have access to health insurance. Unfortunately, many college students fail to seek the medical attention they need because insurance can sometimes be expensive. 

What they don’t know is that some colleges offer students the option to obtain health coverage at a meager price. This information is sometimes not made public by these schools. Still, if you do the research, you’ll find that each school offers when it comes to health insurance. 

Because each student’s case is different, below are some of the steps for obtaining health insurance, whether you’re out-of-state, in-state, or an international student.

Where can I obtain Health Insurance Information?

Each college/university operates differently. When you go to your school’s website, you can search for health insurance coverage options. Various schools offer student health plans, which under the U.S. law, counts as having health coverage. 

If you opt for a student health plan, you should be prepared for medical inquiries (such as getting a physical exam at your school’s health center). If this isn’t the best option for you, you’re more than welcome to apply for coverage through the health insurance marketplace offered through your state government. 

Can I obtain Health Insurance from my parents?

If you go to school in the same state as your parents, you may be eligible for your parents’ insurance. 

What if I’m an out-of-state student?

Out-of-state students are the prime example of college students that have the wrong misconception. 

They think that because they’re away in another state for college, they are not eligible for the healthcare they had at home. These students are not aware that there are a wide variety of health insurance options available to them from their home state.

If you’re unsure if your school or local doctors accept your health insurance, call your insurer directly to ask about out of state coverage for college students.  

What if I’m an international student?

Each year, students travel across the world to earn their degrees at a U.S. college or university. Unfortunately, health insurance options for international students are limited. However, it’s important to note that no one can’t be denied medical attention due to U.S. law. 

If you’re an international student, you still have options. Cignaglobal is a firm that helps international students find insurance coverage at a low price while they’re in the United States. The firm aims to help break the barrier between an international student and health insurance provider. 

Why is it Important?

Having health insurance is very important, especially when you go away to college. It’s almost impossible to know when an emergency can occur, and having the right coverage could save you thousands of dollars.