Do Dev Bootcamps offer job placement for graduates?

Do Dev Bootcamps offer job placement for graduates?

Dev Bootcamp, also known as coding Bootcamp, is a technical training program that teaches students programming and coding skills. These skills can then immediately be used to solve real-world programs.  

Some dev bootcamps are so committed to their students that they even offer job guarantees or delays on paying tuition. Let’s take a thorough look at what dev bootcamps have to offer and get a better understanding of their benefits.

Job Guarantees Bootcamps

If a school is offering job guarantees, it usually means there are certain rules and stipulations. Some require weekly job applications. 

They may also require you to accept any and every job offer, or even count internships or unpaid positions as part of their job guarantee. There are three main categories when it comes to job guarantees:

  • Tuition refunds if you do not land a job within a specific period
  • Some schools will help you get a full-time position with a salary
  • Schools that help with job offers or apprenticeships

The good thing about the job guarantee is that it means the school is confident in their program. They also generally offer more resources, such as career support, to help you gain employment after you graduate.

Deferred Tuition Bootcamps

Similar to job guarantees, these are schools that also hold high confidence levels in their programs. They will defer your tuition until you graduate. In some cases, they won’t ask for you to begin making payments until after you have accepted a job. This appeals to many students because they can develop and learn new skills that will help in their search for a new developer position. Hopefully, it’s one that comes with a very nice salary.

For a comprehensive list on dev bootcamps that offer job guarantees or deferred tuition, take a look here.

These schools will ultimately help you learn more skills to make you more desirable in the workplace. Whether you pursue a program with job guarantees or deferred tuition, make the most of your learning experience. The experience you receive will end up paying for itself in the long run as you’ll have the training required to land your next big job.