Freshman Tips on How to be Successful in College

Freshman year of college is a brand new adventure and a new opportunity to succeed. To thrive in college, you should implement some new habits. Take a look at this list of ways to ensure you have a rewarding first year. 

Put Yourself First

With this new adventure, it’s easy to let your own mental and physical health fall to the wayside. Your sleep schedule, diet, and the overall environment will change. Make sure you always are aware of how you’re feeling.

It is very common for freshmen to experience depression during their adjustment period. Be aware of this and take active steps to combat it. 

Take time for yourself — you don’t have to go to every party, or join every club. The frat parties will be there next week.

Set Goals

Before you go into your first semester, set some goals for yourself. These goals can include your social life, school work, campus organizations, or your health. Here are some examples of goals you can set

  • Join two campus organizations
  • Get no lower than a B- in classes
  • Go to the gym twice a week
  • Try and meet one new person every week
  • Hand in all assignments on time

Those are just some examples of goals. They can really be whatever you want! If it’s important to you, it’s worth setting a goal for! 

Manage Your Time

Since your schedule is so different with new classes, clubs, and friends, your time management will be tested. You get so distracted by new opportunities and your work begins to pile up and you become less organized

Now that you’re in college, time management is your responsibility. You have to oversee your schedule, which can be stressful.

To help, get a planner to stay on track and organized. Personally, I really like Golden Coil planners because they allow you to personalize it. They can be on the more expensive side though.

 Another, more affordable option, is this one from Amazon. 


Going to college is expensive for everyone. Tuition is a huge cost and that is only part of the money you spend during college. Groceries, entertainment, and transportation are just some of the other expenses you have to pay. If you’re in greek life or any honor society you usually have to pay an extra fee as well.

What you need to do is make a budget. Check out this article from us about how to make a college budget.

Ask for Help

Being so independent and college might make yo feel like you’re alone. Remember: you are not alone. Your professors, advisors, friends, and family are all here to help you through your college transition and journey.

Go to office hours with your professors. They love to get to know their students and watch them succeed. Don’t be afraid to reach out to counseling services if you feel your feeling overwhelmed, distant, or unhappy. 

Remember that all your friends are going through the same thing. Even though they might not show it, your friends are trying to adapt just as you are.

Freshman year is a really exciting time. Everything is new and different! Remember to follow these tips to have a successful first year! Good luck!