How Do I Choose The Right Gap Year Program?

Choosing a gap year program isn’t always easy. With so many options out there, how do you make the right choice for you? 

Chances are if you’re investing your time in a gap year, you want to choose the best of the best. Still, if you don’t have experience knowing what makes a good program, how do you know? That’s where we come in.

Keep reading for information on choosing the right gap year program for you and your future. 

What makes a great gap year program?

Firstly, you need to take into account your interest and where you anticipate taking your future. If you have a career in mind, it might make sense to consider that when choosing a program. Learning a second language is always a sought after skill for many employers. If you plan to focus on an international skill, you can invest in learning that during your program. 

These are some of the most important factors to consider when looking at gap year programs:

Read Program Reviews

What are other students saying about the program? It’s important to get reviews from students like yourself. If you can, ask the program if they have any alumni willing to give you a reference. 

Come to the conversation prepared with questions relevant to your concerns and the program itself. Talking to someone who has taken the program is a great way to get a sense of what to expect and whether it’s right for you.

Program Transparency

If you’re going through the program information and feeling confused about what’s included and what’s not — that could be a bad sign. You don’t want to come across any surprises once you’re signed up and committed. 

When reviewing programs, look at how transparent they are about their options. Do they provide room and board, travel, and meals? If you feel confident you know what you’re getting into, then you can rest assured they’re not trying to pull one over on you.

Alumni Resources

Another huge bonus of a great gap year program is the resources they provide after you complete it. Many of them help with job placement, recommendations or hold networking events to help you meet new people. 

Choosing a program that can help you well into the future is not only a resume builder but a job opportunity waiting to happen. 

The Support They Provide

Your gap year program should be there to support you throughout the entire program. Whether it’s helping you find the meals you need or travel questions — you need to know they’re on your side when you’re likely to need them. 

Do they have a phone number you can call to speak with someone? Is there a faculty member in your immediate area to help out should something happen? While we always hope that things will go well, it’s great to know someone is there if things go wrong. 

Gap year programs are an excellent way to explore the world, learn about new cultures, and put some experience on your resume. With these tips in hand, you can choose the program that fits you and your goals.