How to save money on your first-year college essentials

Pursuing higher education can be costly, especially in your first year of college. The high cost of attendance leads students and their families to look for ways they can save money on first-year college essentials.

Many platforms recognize the financial burden college brings upon students and their families. As a way to alleviate some of that burden, they provide discount deals on a variety of products.

Here are some gadgets that can help you save without realizing it.

Student Discounts 

There’s an unlimited number of stores that offer discounts. This includes retail stores and different restaurants. These discounts often aren’t displayed to the public but don’t be afraid to ask any of the employees. 

As a college student, there are many ways you can save. UNiDAYS pairs up with many retail stores that give college student discounts with the sole purpose of providing financial assistance. Their website also makes it easy to create an account to start saving in less than five minutes.

Dorm Room Necessities

As a first-year college student going away for college, you want to buy everything. But you have to distinguish between the essentials rather than the wants. 

There’s a way to make your dorm room feel homey without spending all your money. There are a lot of places where you can purchase these items at a low price. For example, Amazon, Walmart, and Target offer low prices on dorm room essentials such as bedding and toiletries. 

Budgeting for School Supplies and Textbooks

On average, college students tend to buy supplies weeks before they even start the semester. Your best option is to take a notebook and pen, and wait for the first week of classes. Doing so might help you avoid buying additional supplies and instead only buy what’s required by your professor.

The same applies to schools. Usually, professors post textbooks that are recommended/required on the course’s website. The good news is that sometimes you don’t even need to purchase any textbooks.  

Chegg makes it so that you find the books you’re interested in for the lowest rental or purchasing price. The online company offers these deals to help students save on expenses.


Thinking of going away for school? Depending on how far you live, you might be able to take an Uber

Uber allows you to choose from different car services such as UberX, Comfort, UberXL, or UberPool. Many college students tend to use the UberPool car service as it’s typically much cheaper than the other services and gets them to their location safely.

When away, you have to figure out how you’re going to get home when breaks pop up. There are various sites where you can search for flights and may qualify for a student discount. 

This isn’t the case for everyone. Some students live a little further than others. That’s when you can consider taking the Greyhound. They provide discounts for students to get places for a low price. Greyhound makes it so that the student can get from college to their home and not have to stay away from the family for very long. 

By budgeting as a college student, you’re able to save money and have wiggle room to enjoy your college experience without the burden of payment.