How to Show Homeschool Credits on a College Application

Homeschooled students have to take a few extra steps to secure their transcripts before it’s time to apply to college. While traditional schools can easily provide a transcript to a student, someone that is homeschooled has to rely on their parent or proctor to document the information in a form accepted by a College or University. This means putting the courses into a format that reads the same as a traditional transcript.

Creating your Transcript

To create a transcript for a homeschooler, the first step is to identify the format required for the school they are applying to. From there, you should build a transcript that adheres to that format listing out all of the classes they attended. The basics that should be included in the format are:

  • Your Name, School Name with address and phone number
  • List of all courses listed by each year/grade 9-12
  • The name of the school in which each class was taken: list names of school(s) if any were taken online, another campus, community college, or the homeschool itself
  • Identify the grade scale used: 90-100 A, 80-89 B, 70-79 C, etc., or 10-pt grading scale, 7-pt grading scale
  • Cumulative GPA
  • Credits per course for each semester and year
  • Graduation date or expected graduation date
  •   Signed and dated by a parent

Transcript Templates

Creating the transcript from scratch might be a little challenging, especially if you have not completed one before. Here are some resources for templates to refer to when creating a transcript:

  • How to Homeschool Today allows you to create a transcript through an online form
  • You can hire a professional to create one for you. Fast Transcripts is an online company that can easily track your courses for you and creates an official transcript with a quick turnaround. They even offer to send secure transcripts directly through their platform to over 4,300 different schools.
  • The last option: build one from scratch if you can’t find the right template for you.


Don’t take any shortcuts, make sure all of your requirements and achievements are included in the transcript. It could make the difference in whether you receive an acceptance letter or rejection letter to the college of your dreams.