How to Study for Online Classes

After switching from in-person learning to online courses, navigating this new type of learning can be hard for many students. Not being in a classroom or having other students to lean on can make studying seem optional and hard. 

Students must re-adjust their studying practices to succeed in their learning. Here are some tips to make studying for online classes more manageable and effective.

Look Around You

Your study space should be a place that encourages productivity and can make or break your studying experience.  If you can, use a table that’s not in your bedroom. That way you are not tempted to“work” in bed and end up waking up 3 hours later without knowing what year it is.

When you choose a table, make sure you have an outlet, a good internet connection, and all your textbooks, writing materials, and notebooks handy. If you are able, try to go to a quieter area in your house, or near a window. All of this can help you feel motivated and study better for your online courses.

Get It Together

Since you are no longer in a classroom, learning feels like more of a chore and less important. You can always shut your computer right? To avoid this outlook try making a schedule or plan. 

 A helpful tip is to treat school like a job. Meaning, devote yourself to doing schoolwork from 9:00 am-4:00 pm every day. To stay on top of tasks try making an excel sheet with due dates and assignments.

Avoid Distractions

Distractions are hard enough when doing schoolwork, but having all your work online really tests your focus. It’s easy to switch tabs to go online shopping or scroll through social media.

Sometimes, it’s too tempting and you realize it’s 1:00 am and you’ve finished a whole TV series and still haven’t done the reading for class. To avoid this turn your phone off and utilize features like “Do Not Disturb” on your computer.

If you use Chrome for the internet on your computer you can add an extension like “Block Site”. Block Site has a lot of great features including ‘Work Mode’ where you can set times of the day that certain sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) will be blocked. By doing this you will be more likely to stay on top of your online courses and get your work done!

Connect to Your Classmates

It’s easy to feel alone when doing online learning, which makes it less appealing to the average student. Plus, getting to know your classmates is one of the past parts of in-person learning. You don’t have to totally miss out on this experience just because the class is online. 

Communicating with your peers will help make school seem more manageable and enjoyable. Try messaging students in your class to form a zoom study group. Create a group chat where you can regularly talk to your peers and ask for help on schoolwork. 

You’re not alone! All your classmates are struggling to re-adjust to this new way of learning as well, so you might as well figure it out together.

No one likes to study and studying for online classes seems even harder. However, by following these tips and tricks you are guaranteed to be more motivated and successful. You got this!