The easiest college classes to take online

Generally speaking, online classes are more difficult than in-person classes. While online classes offer more flexibility than traditional classes, the course load is still just as difficult. 

Online courses also have the added difficulties of teaching yourself and avoiding distractions outside of the classroom. Which, for some, is no easy feat. 

However, sometimes online classes are unavoidable. While core classes can be challenging to manage online, there are plenty of “easy” online classes in which you can excel!

Easy Online Classes to Look Into

Art or Music Appreciation

I took a “Music of the Beatles” course when I was in college. Other colleges offer classes to learn about the musical stylings of Taylor Swift, Elvis, 80’s Rock, and Michael Jackson, to name a few. To excel in music or art appreciation classes, you don’t need prior knowledge of the musicians or artists. 

The course was surprisingly easy and enjoyable. Plus, it helped me get one step closer to graduation!

Film Studies

Yes, you read that right! You can watch different films for college credit. I also took a film course in college, Italian Cinema. It was one of the more interesting classes I’ve taken and broadened my horizons regarding movies. Italian films don’t always come with happy endings and generally have a darker disposition. 

So, I’d watch different films from home and participate in the message boards with my classmates. That’s it! And again, this course got me one step closer to earning my degree. 

Religious Studies

There are a variety of religious courses offered by most colleges and universities. You can take a class that mirrors your beliefs or do what I did, which was a comprehensive look at Religion in America. It was incredibly interesting to learn about others’ beliefs, and for extra credit, we could participate in a few religious events around the city.

If anything, a course like this will help you understand those around you, which may be the point of college for many—meeting new people and expanding your horizons. 


An online intro to yoga course is a great way to get college credits while helping to regulate your stress levels. If yoga isn’t for you, see what other online physical education courses your college offers. 

When you’re busy with all your other college classes, having a built-in workout routine — not to mention one for course credit — can be a big plus.

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is considered an easy course because it’s information you can immediately use in your everyday life. Many of us don’t learn about savings, budgeting, stocks, and investments until we’re much older and “learning from our mistakes.”

Financial literacy is a great fundamental course, and you’ll use what you learn every day.

When building your class schedule, get creative with your online courses. Do the research and find topics or areas of interest that will keep you motivated to do the work!