Tips for succeeding in online school

While some students have always considered taking online college courses, the COVID19 Pandemic made it a mandatory reality. Succeeding in online courses requires time management skills and the ability to motivate yourself. 

Most colleges have resumed their in-person lectures, but some students have grown accustomed to the flexibility online courses offer. Others aren’t ready to be surrounded by 100 other students in a classroom. 

Whatever your reasoning may be for choosing to attend college online, here are some great tips to help you succeed!

Create a Designated Study Space

Creating a designated study space may keep you focused and distraction-free. Rather than being in your bedroom or in the living area, where you can easily get distracted by tv or chores, an organized space will keep you on track and in the zone.

Make sure you have access to high-speed internet, whether this be in your own home, a coffee shop, or a library. If creating your study space in a public place, bring headphones to minimize distractions.

Make a Schedule with Daily Goals

Next, commit yourself to daily study. Setting daily goals, like a set amount of study time, will help you complete tasks on time. If you know you only have to study for X hours and can make plans for fun in the future, you build in a study reward system.

A schedule will encourage you to be more productive and complete your necessary tasks. 

Connect with Your Classmates

Attending online school can feel alienating for some. So, connect with classmates to ask questions if you’re confused or even commiserate when it comes time for midterms and exams. Having a connection to others going through the same thing may help when feeling alone. 

Hold Yourself Accountable

The most important thing about online learning is holding yourself accountable. When you don’t have classes at a designated time, it can be easy to put your studies off for later. 

Even though you’ve already created a schedule with daily goals (as listed above), it can be easy to binge a new show, get distracted cleaning your house, or even lose time scrolling through social media. 

Online school isn’t for everyone, but you can make it work with a little planning and a lot of discipline (even if you only try it out for a short time). If you’re having trouble deciding if online school is right for you, meet with a counselor at your school or speak with a trusted parent or family friend.