The perfect College Visit Checklist for high school students

Visiting a college can seem stressful. There’s so much information to take in at once. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and then leave the school not remembering anything about what you saw.  Here is a checklist of places you should see during your college visit. 

Whether you’re going by yourself, with friends, or with your parents, these are important things to keep in mind.

Things to See 

  • The dining hall (eat there so you get a taste of the food!)
  • The town around the school
  • A campus event
  • A dorm room 
  • Sit in on a class
  • The library 
  • Fitness center

Checklist for Students to Keep in Mind

  1. Campus
    • Do you like the way the campus looks? 
    • Does the campus feel welcoming?
    • Is the campus confusing to get around? 
    • Is it near a town or a city?
    • What is the surrounding area feel like?
  1. Dorms 
    • Is the space livable for you? 
    • Is it in good condition? 
    •  What is dorm security like? 
    • What are off-campus living options like?  
  1. Classes/Academics
    • Does the school have your desired major and/or minor? 
    • Does the faculty (especially in your major) have a reputation? Good or bad?
    • Are there good places to study? 
    • Are classes mostly taught by professors or T.A.’s?
    • Are there opportunities for undergraduate research? 
    • What is the study abroad program like? 
  1. Food 
    • How is the food? 
    • What are the meal plans like? 
    • What are other dining options? 
    • Does the school cater to other dietary needs?
    • Is there a grocery store close by? 
  1. Fitness Center/Sports
    •  Is the gym popular?
    •  How late is it open?
    • Are sports a big at the school? 
    • How are the athletes treated versus other students? 
  1. Social Life 
    •  What are the clubs and organizations like?
    • Is there a greek life? If so, what is recruitment like? 
    • What is the party scene like?

Checklist for Parents to Keep in Mind

  1. Location
    1. How long did it take to get there?
    2. What mode of transportation did you use? Car? Train? Plane?
    3. How much did it cost to get there?
    4. What is the surrounding town feel like?
    5. Where is the nearest hospital? 
    6. Where is the nearest fire station?
  1. Classes/Academics
    1. What is the reputation of the faculty?
    2. Where do students normally go to work after they graduate?
    3. What is the graduation rate?
    4. What percentage of freshmen come back for there a sophomore year?
  1. Campus Facilities
    1. How was the condition of the buildings? 
    2. What are health services like? 
    3. Who works at health services? Nurses? Physicians? 
    4. What is campus security like?
    5. How are the dining halls? Clean? Does the food look good? 
    6. What percentage of students live on campus? 
  1. Tuition/ Financial Aid
    1. How much is tuition?
    2. What is the average financial aid package? 
    3. Is there a work-study program?
    4. What is the average amount of debt students leave the school with? 
  1. Student Life
    1.  What are extracurriculars like?
    2. Is there a greek life? Are they known for hazing? 
    3. What are the holiday breaks?
    4. What do the students do for fun? 

Campus visits are really special. You get to feel what it would be like to be a student there. Really take advantage of the time you spend there. Ask questions and take pictures! Don’t forget to fill out our checklist and good luck!!