The Pros & Cons of Changing Majors

group of students

Changing your major in college is pretty standard. Currently, at least 80% of college students change their majors at least once. So, if you’re asking yourself, “should I change my major?” the answer might be yes. 

Majors can often lead to a lifelong career path, which emphasizes choosing the right major. Frequently changing majors can prolong graduation time and increase total tuition cost. 

It’s recommended that students discuss the decision to change majors with their family, friends, and college advisors before making an official decision. At Frank, we like to encourage students to research and discuss the implications of such a big decision before moving forward. 

Why Students Change Majors 

Here are some of the reasons why students change their majors:

  • The course material was tedious and unenjoyable.
  • The student struggled to understand the course material due to the level of difficulty.  
  • The student realized their previous major had a low job market and decided to go with a more stable industry with a thriving job market.
  • The student was pressured into their major by family and friends. 
  • The student waits until the last minute to declare a major instead of researching and investigating which majors are of interest. 
  • The student has a different way of learning. He/she could be in a more theoretical approach when they would be better off in a more hands-on approach.

Now that you know some of the reasons students change majors, let’s go over some of the pros and cons of changing majors. 

Pros of Changing Majors

  • Opportunity to explore other career interests: You’ll have the chance to take multiple classes in different majors to identify your true calling.
  • May feel more satisfied with the new career path: Changing your major can be a great decision if you have a better idea of what you’re looking to study. It can be super beneficial because you can find the best career path for you. Also, you will likely enjoy taking your classes, making school more fun and comfortable.  

Cons of Changing Majors

  • May extend your graduation time: If you decide to switch majors, you’re probably at least a semester into something else. Suppose the classes you’ve taken or are currently taking don’t count towards your new major. In that case, chances are your graduation date will be pushed back. 
  • Stack up tuition cost: If your graduation date is pushed back, you should expect to be paying for at least another semester. Also, specific scholarships and financial aid will only apply to your tuition for a certain number of semesters, so the possibility of paying more out of pocket is likely. 

There may be more pros and cons to changing majors depending on the student. So, whether or not the decision is right for you comes down to your unique situation.

Everyone has different reasons why they want to change majors, but ultimately it comes down to what’s best for you. We encourage you to use the following tips on how to change majors if you think that’s the right call for you.