Ways of coping with stress when searching for a job

Searching for a job can be thrilling and fun, but it can also be draining and stressful. You can cope with stress regardless of which stage of the job search you’re on by following some of the tips described below. 

Maintain a positive mindset 

The job-searching process can be long and exasperating, but it won’t last forever. Therefore, try to maintain a positive state of mind as positive thinking can lower stress. 

Although it may be hard to stay positive, remember that you have the right skill sets to land the job. It’s only a matter of time before you land the job. So hang in there and try to find ways to make the job search fun or interesting. 

Map out a plan

Map out a job search plan to help you highlight areas of improvement and wins. Try to set big goals of what you expect to get out of this process. 

Take notes of what worked in your previous interview and use that to your advantage for your following interview. Also, update your LinkedIn profile, resume, and cover letter to reflect what you’ve learned throughout this process. 

Do some research 

If your stress derives from feeling unprepared, doing some research ahead might be able to reduce it. Take the time to research what kind of position you want and what you need to get there. 

Research the companies you’re interested in and the work culture they bring to the table. Try to get a feel of what’s expected to be well prepared for the interview process. The more research you do, the more prepared and calm you will feel when it comes to the big day.

Highlight your wins

Stress can set in when we only focus on the negative or the length of the job search process. However, it’s essential to look at what you accomplish along the way, like acing a couple of interviews, even if you didn’t get the job. Or the fact that you learned how to answer those tricky interview questions. 

Recognizing your accomplishments along the way will give you some much-needed confidence to carry through the rest of the search. Finally, don’t forget to reward yourself when you’re done interviewing or submitting an application. 

Take a break 

If the job search is becoming too much to handle, take a break. A job provides financial security, but we must put our mental health first. So, we encourage you to take a day off when things escalate. Do some YouTube yoga or go on a hike, clear your head, and start where you left off the next day. 

Stay organized

Make a list of job postings. Be sure to include deadlines, if any, and have the job description along with the stage you’re at (application, interview, etc.). This will allow you to map out what it’s expected from each job. It will also give you an idea of where you’re at in the job search process.

Seek out Emotional Support

Rely on your loved ones to give you the motivation to keep going. All of us have been through the job search process at some point. Your loved ones will guide you and encourage you to stay upbeat during your job search. 

One thing that seems to help is being brutally honest with them about your feelings and worries. Such information can help them better support you through this worrisome process. 

Searching for a job can be challenging, but remember, you got this. You have all the tools to succeed, especially if you stay calm, positive, organized, and supported.