What Should I Do During My Gap Year?

Contrary to popular belief, a gap year isn’t all about traveling the world and putting off school for the year. A lot of students use their gap year to add experience to the resume. So, if you’re asking, “What should I do during my gap year?” we’ve got some answers. 

Firstly, whatever you decide to do, make sure that it will build your resume and provide you with some real work experience. Don’t let yourself off the hook from learning just because you’re not sitting in class. 

Whether you decided to spend some time learning a language in another country, cooking cultural cuisine, or even volunteering for programs in other countries — there are plenty of things you can do during your gap year to help you learn. 

Here are some of our favorite options.

What to do during your gap year

Au Pair

If you love working with children and teaching them and want to experience new cultures, an Au Pair is a great option. Being a nanny abroad will have you working with a host family who will want you to teach their children English.

Your food, accommodations, and travel are usually paid for in addition to your compensation. That means you get to experience something new and get paid at the same time. With so few expenses, you can put some of that away for college!

Camp Counselor

There are camps all over the world that need counselors. You’ll be working alongside people your own age and exploring the great outdoors. These are jobs you can do during the summer and then spend the rest of your time exploring the area. 

If you like working with children and love being in the outdoors, this is a perfect resume builder. Just anticipate it will take dedicated time during the summer, and it’s a pretty structured job.


Ready to get right to work? Consider applying for gap year internships. These internships will build your resume and help you develop relevant experience for after you graduate college. Many companies offer internships abroad and, depending on your academic background, might even provide paid opportunities. 

Keep in mind, not all internships are paid, and, likely, you don’t get free room and board. But if you do get one abroad, you’ll be able to experience the culture and location in your free time. 

Learn the Language

As we mentioned above, learning a new language will prepare you for life in the international job market. Choose a location, take a few classes, and get to know people in the location willing to help you develop your skills.

Bilingual employees get paid more and are highly sought after in the job market. If you can keep your skills up after your gap year, it’s highly likely that you’ll be an asset to a great company someday.

As you can see, you can do so many things with your gap year to keep yourself learning and experiencing new things. Not to mention, building your resume.