Your Must-Have College Checklist for the First Day of Class

Your Must-Have College Checklist for the First Day of Class

Your college backpack is going to look different than your high school one. In college, you sometimes leave your dorm room in the morning and don’t come back until 9:00 or 10:00 at night. So you have to have everything you need for your day with you when you leave in the morning.

During the first couple of days, this seems a lot more confusing and overwhelming.  Use this checklist to ensure you have everything you need for a successful first few days. 

Write down on a piece of paper your class times, locations, and teachers

It is so normal to get lost and confused in the first couple of days of class. By keeping a piece of paper with this information on it, you can avoid being late or going to the wrong class. 


Always stay hydrated!!! Your brain won’t be at the top of its game if you are dehydrated. You’re going to be walking all over campus to get from class to class, so always keep a water bottle on you. 


Duh! This is an absolute must-have.  Just don’t bring it out in the middle of class!

Wallet With Student ID Card

Depending on your school, you probably enter buildings with some type of card, so never leave the house without it. Also, you might need to eat a meal at the dining hall, so having money to get food on campus is essential.

Notebooks and a folder

Professors will not hole-punch any paper for you, so it is best if you have a notebook (like a composition notebook) and a folder instead of a binder. On the first day, you’re going to get a lot of syllabi and miscellaneous papers, so make sure you have somewhere to put it. 


This is a must! In the first few days, you are going to be bombarded with due dates and exam dates. Having a planner will help you keep track of all of those, and be sure to write your homework in it as well. Aim to be the most organized student in class! 


Remember, you might not be able to go back to your room for a couple of hours. Always keep a protein bar or fruit in your bag to keep you full and energized throughout the day.  (If you are eating in class, make sure no one is allergic to what you’re eating and ask your professor if it’s okay first.) 


Most college students carry their computers with them everywhere; some even take notes on their computers. This is a personal choice. If you don’t have access to a computer or not enough room in your bag, no worries! Take advantage of the school computers and take notes in your notebook!

Any Chargers You Might Need

You definitely don’t want any electronic devices dying on you in the middle class. Always keep chargers in your backpack, so you never worry.

The first day of school is always scary but never unmanageable. Pack your backpack up with everything you need and get on your way. You’re going to do great!