What do I do After I File a FAFSA®?

After filing your FAFSA®, the FSA will send you a copy of your Student Aid Report (SAR). The SAR is primarily a summary of the information the student provided on the FAFSA®.

If the FAFSA® is considered complete, the SAR will also include the student’s Expected Family Contribution calculation, which is the number schools will use to determine a student’s financial need. For incomplete applications, the SAR will indicate which information the student is required to update or confirm before the student’s FAFSA® can be considered complete.

It is important that students and families carefully review the Student Aid Report to confirm that the information on the FAFSA® is accurate. There will be space to update any incorrect information on the SAR.

Once you are satisfied that everything on your FAFSA® is accurate, the last thing left to do is wait for your financial aid offers to arrive.

Students who have already been accepted for enrollment by a given school can expect to receive their financial aid offer via email or regular mail within 2-3 weeks of signing and submitting their FAFSA®. The offer will come from the school’s financial aid office.

Students who have not yet been accepted for enrollment by a given school can expect their school financial aid award letters to come with their acceptance letters.