Can I Apply for FAFSA® or Student Loan for Online Certificate?

Yes. Federal aid awarded through the FAFSA®, including grants, scholarships, and other programs, can be put toward an online certificate from an accredited college.

Federal financial aid can only be used for programs from schools accredited through the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. In addition to attending eligible schools, you must meet other requirements for receiving and using aid. Some loans and grants require that you’re enrolled full time, for example, and most can only be used for a degree, not an online certificate.

Check with your state of residence for available financial aid options. Again, these might be limited to degrees rather than certificates. You can also check for loans from private lenders. This will provide you with the most flexibility in terms of using the amount to fund your pursuit of an online certificate.

Though you might not be able to apply some federal aid to the program you hope to complete, still, apply for the FAFSA®. You might receive more funding than you expected for your certificate.