What Ages Qualify for Financial Aid?

Almost anyone can qualify for financial assistance, regardless of age.

What can make a difference when applying for financial aid is your student status. Students are put into two categories, dependent or independent. 

Undergraduate students younger than 24 years are considered dependent unless they are married, orphaned, active military members, veterans), or have non-spousal dependents of their own. Dependent students are required to use their parents’ tax information when filing FAFSA®. 

Independent students don’t have to provide their parents’ income on FAFSA® and usually receive more aid.

Of course, the source of financial aid is a factor. Some forms of private aid have age requirements. If a scholarship comes from a liquor company, for example, you might have to be at least 21 to qualify for it. Before applying for any form of financial aid, be sure to read all the fine print.