Can transfer students appeal for more financial aid?

Yes. Almost any U.S. citizen can appeal for more financial aid if they don’t feel their financial aid package was sufficient enough.

However, there are usually qualifying factors you need to meet to get additional financial aid in the aid appeal process.

Here’s what you need to know.

How Transfer Students Can Appeal for More Financial Aid

Your first step would be to meet one of the qualifying criteria. Generally, that’s something like experiencing a significant loss of income compared to the tax year FAFSA® asks for, a death in your immediate family, or being a victim of a natural disaster.

If you were a particularly great student at your last college, you could also appeal on the grounds of merit. 

You can learn what the criteria are here

How Do Transfer Students Apply for Aid Appeal

Aid appeal is generally a simple process that involves writing a letter to your new school outlining the reasons you need additional aid. 

We’ve laid out a comprehensive guide to aid appeal here. But we also offer aid appeal services for those that would rather not take it on themselves. 

Once you submit your appeal letter, it’s up to the school to determine whether they’ll give you more aid. Keep in mind, submitting an aid appeal does not guarantee more aid, it’s simply an appeal to the school. They’ll ultimately decide to grant it. 

Once You Get the Decision

If the school granted you more aid — great! Hopefully, it’s enough to help you with your education goals.

If not, unfortunately, there are not many other options outside of applying for scholarships or taking out a student loan. 

The financial aid process isn’t easy and can be confusing. If you need any help, please contact us at