Can you get financial aid for online colleges?

Yes, you can get financial aid for online colleges. 

As more and more students are switching to online colleges, understanding financial aid options for these types of schools is essential. Luckily, online colleges have become more popular in recent years, and as long as the US Department of Education accredits a school, online students are eligible to file for FAFSA®.

How Can You Get Financial Aid For Online Classes?

If you are enrolled in a full-time program with an accredited online university or college, you can file the FAFSA® to get aid. Each school has its own eligibility requirements, so you’ll want to talk to the financial aid office to ensure you’re meeting all the needs. 

Applying for Financial Aid for Online Classes

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (aka FAFSA®) is your first step to applying for financial aid for online classes. 

You can learn all about the process of filing FAFSA® and what that entitles you to here. 

Types of Financial Aid for Online Classes

There are a ton of options for students interested in taking online classes. We go more in-depth in our “How To Get Full Financial Support for Online Courses.” It will tell you about the different types of aid you could be eligible for and other financial options you can take. 

Students are relying more on online classes as an affordable alternative to on-campus, traditional educations. Still, it’s essential to get as much financial aid as possible, so you graduate with the least amount of debt.