Does money from FAFSA® pay for online classes and traditional classes?

Yes, FAFSA® pays for both online classes and traditional classes at accredited colleges and universities. 

If you’re a student who is planning to take a mix of both online and in-person courses, your financial aid award will cover both classes as long as there is enough to do so. 

How do I get financial aid for online and traditional classes?

First, you need to file your FAFSA® for the year you’ll be attending college. Once you get your aid award, you’ll know how much gift aid and loans you’ll be awarded.

When you choose your classes for the year, your school will allocate your funds to paying for your classes. It does not matter if they’re online or in-person classes; they will be paid for as part of your education. 

Online Classes and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Now that more students are taking online classes due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, there are a lot of concerns around paying for classes that don’t require in-person education. Please remember that any online classes your college or university offers during that time should be covered the same way that your traditional classes are. 

That means your FAFSA® aid and any private loans will still be there to cover your tuition.