Are there any education programs for single mothers?

Single mothers face significant barriers when it comes to returning to school. That’s why knowing if there are any education programs for single mothers can be very helpful for those looking to continue their education. 

Whether it’s finding a school that offers assistance to single mothers, narrowing down opportunities for financial aid, or simply finding educational programs that cater specifically to mothers with small children — any little bit of help can make higher education a reality for many parents. 

Help for single parents is essential since national data shows that compared to students that don’t have kids, parents are ten times less likely to complete their bachelor’s degrees. This is primarily due to issues with financial aid, childcare, and the pressure to have a job to support their family.

That’s why the below schools have implemented programs, resources, and scholarships for single mothers.

Baldwin Wallace University – Berea, OH

The Ohio-based university offers a single parent program called Single Parents Reaching Out for Unassisted Tomorrows (SPROUT). Designed for students 18-23 years old that have children, they offer help with housing, financial aid, work-study opportunities, and childcare support. They also provide specialized programming and events for parents. 

Wilson College – Chambersburg, PA

In addition to endowments to help fund childcare for some students, Wilson College also covers year-round housing with childcare for students that have children 20 months or older. The Single Parent Scholar Program runs childcare in addition to group activities and family-friendly outings. 

Endicott College – Beverly, MA

Endicott is home to the Keys to Degrees program for academically qualified single parents. It provides year-round on-campus housing and childcare for students who are ages 18 to 24 when they enroll. 

Saint Paul’s College – Saint Paul, MN

Saint Paul offers two scholarships a year for single parents in addition to their Single Parent Support System program. The program offers tutorial services, mentoring programs, and on-campus child care through the Child Development Center

Berea College – Berea, KY

Berea College offers a residential program that provides student-parents with family-friendly campus accommodations, on-campus childcare, and even after-school programs as long as the student commits to 10 hours a week in the work-study program. 

Texas Woman’s University – Denton, TX

The school offers three scholarships for single parents in addition to the Student Parents Also Raising Kids organization. The organization supports student-parents throughout their education by providing programs for single mothers, daycare on campus, and a supportive community.

Mills College – Oakland, CA

Along with a few scholarships, Mills College offers single mothers on-campus housing, emergency loans, and priority access to the on-campus Children’s School.

Brigham Young University – Provo, UT

In addition to the Single Parent Scholarship, BYU welcomes single parents through the Non-Traditional Student program. It includes on-campus housing and additional scholarships for single parents or families with children.

Champlain College – Burlington, VT

Champlain offers the full-ride Single Parents Scholarship to students who qualify as well as the Single Parents Program, which includes resources, workshops, and services designed for single parents. 

College of Saint Mary – Omaha, NE

Saint Mary offers the Mothers Living and Learning program, which provides residential housing for mothers and up to two children. Housing comes with playrooms, kitchens, and security. They also get help from the Single Parents Success program, which offers resources to help single parents stay on track to graduate. 

University of Iowa – Iowa City, IA

The university offers tons of options for families, including resources, child care centers, and counseling for student-parents. There are also 30 lactation rooms that can be scheduled in advance and provide pumps, making it easier for new mothers to come to class and stay on campus. 

Mount Holyoke College – South Hadley, MA

Through the Frances Perkins Program, the college offers help for single mothers aged 25 or older or any female student caring for a dependent child. Participants in the program get financial aid, a flexible schedule, and access to on-campus community resources and activities.

There are many colleges and universities throughout the country that have programs to help single mothers succeed in achieving their goal of completing their education. While these are just a few of the known options, it’s worth calling your local college or university and inquiring about programs they have available for single mothers.