How Much Does Culinary School Cost?

Like with many educational paths, the cost of culinary school varies greatly depending on the school reputation, location, and education you choose. 

Recently, the popularity of going to culinary school has grown by 20% a year over the last two years. Not only is it a highly competitive field, but it also tends to be a costly education.

The Cost of Culinary School

On average, the cost of culinary school is about $30,000. 

It’s essential to take a look at any additional costs that might come with your culinary education. For instance, does this amount cover the entire program or one semester? Are there any additional fees or supplies you’ll be responsible for? 

There is a wide range of what the price tag will get you. For example, Arizona Culinary Institute has a nine-month culinary program that comes in around $25,990, while The International Culinary Center in New York City is about $48,750 for a six-month intensive program.

As you can see, the reputation and location of the school can make the price of culinary school very different depending on what you’re hoping to get out of it. 

What’s Included In The Cost of Culinary School

What’s included in the cost of your education will vary depending on the school you choose. 

To give you an example of how the cost of your education breaks down, we pulled some information for one semester at the Culinary Institute of American in New York City:

Culinary Institute of America – NYC 

One Semester

Tuition: $15,540

Room & Board: $1,900

General Fee: $790

Total Per Semester: $18,230

The New York CIA is one of the more expensive schools to attend for a culinary education. But as you can, more than just your tuition goes into the cost of school.

Is There Financial Aid for Culinary School? 

Specific culinary programs will have financial aid available. Your first step should be to talk to your school about the programs you’re considering and the kind of aid you could qualify for.

The second step would be to file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) so that the financial aid process can get started quickly. Aid through the federal government is first-come, first-served, so you want to get your FAFSA® in sooner rather than later.

No matter what, there is likely some aid you can take advantage of that will make the cost of culinary school a bit more affordable to you. To learn more about the type of aid available via the FAFSA®, you can visit our resource page here.