How to negotiate a maximum financial aid offer for an undergraduate

If your child received their aid award letter, and it wasn’t enough to cover their financial needs, there is a way to negotiate a maximum financial aid offer for an undergraduate student. 

First, you will need to look at the steps it takes to file an aid appeal. 

How to negotiate a maximum financial aid offer for undergraduate students

An aid appeal is a process students can go through to negotiate their aid package. It involves writing a letter to the school, outlining your qualifying factors, and pleading your case for additional aid. 

In general, many colleges and universities hold back aid money for aid appeals. In many cases, students don’t know that this process is something they can do, so much of that aid goes unclaimed. 

If you’re ready to file aid appeal on behalf of your undergraduate student, here’s what you need to know: 

Be Prepared to Meet the Qualifying Factors

To qualify for aid appeal, you have to have a legitimate reason for needing more aid beyond just wanting it. That includes things like being the victim of a natural disaster, experiencing a death in the family, significant loss of income, or outstanding merits as a student.

You can learn more about what qualifies here. 

Write a Letter Pleading Your Case

Every aid appeal must be submitted with a letter from the student. They are generally short and sweet, and you need to submit them with qualifying documents if you have them. This can include transcripts, recent tax returns, medical bills, or death certificates. 

Then submit your letter and your documents to the school you’re negotiating with. 

The aid appeal process is fast and pretty straightforward. You can read a step-by-step breakdown of how to do it here.

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Good luck!