Is there child care assistance for student parents?

Is there child care assistance for student parents?

Yes, though most people don’t know about it, there is child care assistance for student parents. 

According to research shared on MarketWatch, 22% of college students are parents. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) discovered that many parent students don’t finish their degrees because of the lack of financial resources and are leaving school before completing their education. One of the primary causes of their removal from school was childcare costs, but did you know there are resources out there to help cover childcare?

Federal programs for child care assistance

The Federal Government supports the Child Care Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS) Program in helping provide funding for childcare costs through federal financial aid. This program is designed for low-income student parents and assists in paying for childcare.

How to qualify for child care assistance

Student parents should include this cost when reviewing their finances on the school finance calculator. Also, it’s important to find out if the school you are applying for participates in this childcare subsidy program, as this is additional money to help cover childcare that would otherwise free up grant, scholarship or loan money to cover school costs such as tuition and books.

According to the last report, the average amount issued to student parents was around $160 per month. With childcare costs on the rise, with the national reported average reaching around $850 per month, this is an excellent resource that student parents. 

Unfortunately, many student parents don’t know about the CCAMPIS due to lack of education around the program. Given that many of these students are working hard to provide a better lifestyle for their family through higher education, publicizing this assistance is essential. 

Where to find more information on Child Care Access Means Parents In School

Some great resources for more information on the program and how it works can be found on the GAO’s website and here on the U.S. Department of Education’s website. These websites break down and explain more on Child Care Access Means Parents in School Program.

Even if your school does not participate in this program or receive funding, work with your financial aid office to find out if they have other resources or programs that help with covering childcare costs. 

Also, there might be some school-specific scholarships offered to single parents, but filing your FAFSA® is going to be the first step in determining additional eligibility to really maximize your potential aid award.