Are There Scholarships Parents Can Apply for?

Being a working parent going back to school might leave you wondering if there are scholarships for parents. The answer is yes. 

If you’re looking to gain access to scholarships to help you continue your education, there are many options available to you. Single, married, working, or up against other special circumstances, chances are there is a scholarship that you can apply for. 

What is a Scholarship for Parents?

A parental scholarship is something that’s offered by schools and foundations to help parents gain access to financial assistance they don’t have to pay back. It’s recognized that parents sometimes need to go back to school and better themselves in order to earn more income for their family, but don’t always have the economic opportunity to do so. 

A scholarship for parents helps a family with the cost of schooling and can lower the amount that’s needed to take out loans. 

Who is Eligible for a Scholarship?

Almost every parent is eligible for a scholarship provided they fall into the criteria that are laid out in the application. Scholarships are offered for a variety of reasons and each one comes with its own qualifications. 

A Google search will lead you to a number of scholarships for parents from all different backgrounds, regions, and lifestyle factors. When you find one that seems like a fit, make sure to read through all of the qualifying information and are truthful when you answer the questions.

On the surface, scholarships that focus on a single parent in a trade versus a married parent working on a degree might seem discriminatory. But as long as the scholarship doesn’t dictate the race, religion, age, or gender that is eligible to apply, the rest of the criteria are legal. 

After all, a military veteran scholarship foundation wants to focus on giving veterans a financial boost as opposed to awarding it to someone who never wanted to enlist. 

Is it Necessary?

Scholarships help those who need financial assistance with schooling. Parents may be pushed to their financial limits and can’t handle much more debt. Or they have the ability to take time off from work and keep up with bills but don’t have enough left over to go to school. 

Everyone has a different financial situation and those who have fewer financial advantages sometimes need a boost. Scholarships help take some of the burdens of a parent who wants to better themselves. Necessity doesn’t even come into play when trying to go to school and minimize the amount of debt that comes with higher education. 

The more financial aid a parent can get to return to school, the better. Taking out a student loan can create an undue financial burden even though there’s always the promise of improved employment afterward. Having less debt upon graduation gives a parent the same advantage as it does a younger student trying to get started in the world.