Scholarship Zone: Do you really need perfect grades to get a scholarship?

The age-old myth that scholarships only go to students with the highest GPA is actually just that… a myth! Unless you are receiving an academic scholarship, straight A’s aren’t always a requirement.

Research, Research, Research

Rather than thanklessly searching the internet, save yourself some time and build a profile on sites like and Then you’ll be supplied with a list of scholarships that best fit you and your situation.

When filling out your profile, make sure you’re honest. If you end up applying for a scholarship later down the line based on the information you gave, you may be required to provide proof of circumstances.

Once you do your initial search, you’ll find scholarships that award based on creativity, heritage, whether you’re left or right-handed, even your eye or hair color. Seriously, there’s a scholarship for everything!

Pro-Tip: Don’t skip scholarships with smaller awards! So many students skip them thinking, ‘it’s not worth it.’ But $500 will cover your books, $1,000 can cover a meal plan. Every little bit helps!

Who’s your biggest fan?

Do you have a teacher or coach that thinks you’re great? Are you an active member of the church or your community? Ask for a letter of recommendation. Letters of recommendation can give the scholarship committees another perspective on your abilities and character.

Check your work

Polish your storytelling skills! Writing a great essay or telling a moving story will make you stand apart from the other applicants. If the scholarship you’re applying for doesn’t have a high GPA minimum, the judges will be looking for the best-written essays and the most interesting life experiences.

Don’t get discouraged

Nothing worth having comes easy. It’s going to take time and hard work. But luckily, you don’t have to be the valedictorian or an honors student to win scholarships to help pay for college.

The more scholarships you apply for, the better your chances of getting your tuition covered at no cost to you!