What are some scholarships that are worth looking into?

There are thousands of scholarships available every school year. So, how do you know what scholarships are worth looking into? 

You need to do your research.

Every scholarship has different qualifying factors and application requirements. Knowing that you fit that criteria is the key to understanding whether it’s worth your time to apply. 

However, if you’re simply looking for large dollar amount scholarships, here are some that you can start to consider.

Large Dollar Amount Scholarships

AQHA Excellence in Equine & Agricultural Involvement Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: 12/1/2020
  • Amount: $25,000

For students of excellence studying in the Equine and Agriculture industries.

Boren Scholarships

  • Application Deadline: 2/3/2021
  • Amount: $20,000

For students looking to study less commonly taught languages. 

Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: 10/31/2020
  • Amount: $20,000

An achievement-based scholarship for high-performing high students.

Jesse L. Jackson-Fellows Toyota Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: 5/1/2021
  • Amount: $25,000

A renewable scholarship for African-American college sophomores. 

South Carolina Teaching Fellows

  • Application Deadline: 12/1/2020
  • Amount: $24,000

For South Carolina, students looking to become teachers in the state.

The Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund

  • Application Deadline: 12/1/2020
  • Amount: $60,000

They are awarded based on academic achievement as well as financial needs.

The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship For New Americans

  • Application Deadline: 11/1/2020
  • Amount: $20,000

For under 30 students that are New Americans looking to go onto graduate school.

As you can see, there are plenty of high-value scholarships out there, and a simple search on Scholarships.com will help you find many more that might fit your qualifications. 

What About Low-Value Scholarships?

Scholarships with smaller dollar amounts are just as important as the larger ones. In most cases, they are slightly less competitive as most students go after the high dollar amount. 

Winning multiple low-value scholarships could lead to a lot more money towards your college education without significantly reducing your aid package from FAFSA®.

In short, it’s definitely worth applying to any scholarship in which you fit the criteria. After all, all it will do is provide you with more free aid to put towards your education. Free aid means less student loan debt in the long run.