Nevada Financial Aid: Grants & Scholarships

Looking for Nevada state financial aid? There are several opportunities to get additional aid through state scholarships and grants. Take a look at the information below so you’re informed on your next steps towards Nevada financial aid.

First File Your FAFSA®

The first step on your financial aid journey is filing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®). This application can be done here on Frank for FREE and allows you to be eligible for grants, scholarships, and federal student loans at many colleges and universities. Once your FAFSA® is complete, you can then move on to state aid that requires additional applications or requirements.

Apply for Nevada Financial Aid

Many of Nevada’s education funding comes from the federal government. That means you most important step is the FAFSA® if you want to get your max aid package. However, there are a few Nevada-based aid opportunities to be aware of.

Nevada Government Benefit Finder

To see if you’re eligible for various state benefits that might help you pay for your education, Nevada has created a benefits portal. You can take a quiz to see what you qualify for as well as search a database of available benefits that suit your situation.

For other school-based or state-based offerings, you’ll need to ensure your FAFSA® is complete.