New Hampshire Financial Aid: Grants & Scholarships

If you live in the state of New Hampshire and are interested in financial aid, there are several options available to you. New Hampshire developed the New Hampshire Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NHASFAA) to help professionals assist students with their financial aid journey. Here’s how to get started with New Hampsire state financial aid.

First File Your FAFSA®

Most financial aid you’ll receive comes from filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®). However, some states offer additional aid opportunities in the form of scholarships, grants, and work-study programs that require individual applications. Once you’ve filed you FAFSA®, you can then move onto additional aid applications to supplement what federal aid didn’t cover.

Apply For New Hampshire Financial Aid

New Hampshire financial aid comes in various forms, but for the most part, they’re scholarships. Each scholarship has it’s own requirements and eligibility. Keep reading to find a New Hampshire scholarship that works for you.

New Hampshire Incentive Program

To incentives New Hempshire students to attend college, the New Hampshire Intecentive Program awards up to $1000 a year to students who showcase both need and merit. This award is renewable each year but you’ll need to submit your application again.

Scholarships for Orphans of Veterans

Scholarships of up to $1000 are available to the descendants of those who died as a result of service in World War I and II, Korea, and Southeast Asia. You must be a New Hampshire resident to apply. It is renewable each year until you turn 25.

Veterinary Grant Program

If you’re considering veterinary school, this grant could be what helps you get there. Awarding $12,000 a year to help with the cost of school, this grant aims to help vet students get to and through college. It’s based on both merit and financial need.

Though there are not many grants with their own application through the state of New Hampshire, there’s still plenty of aid to be had through FAFSA® and scholarship applications. Take the time to find scholarships that work for you and apply for everything you can. Good luck!