Hawaii State Financial Aid: Grants & Scholarships

The Aloha State offers financial aid opportunities to Hawaii residents including grants and scholarship programs.


The first step to an affordable college education is filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, FAFSA®. This financial aid application determines student eligibility for federal student loans, grants (including the Pell grant), work-study programs, and scholarships.

Apply for Hawaii State Financial Aid

University of Hawai’i

Hawaii’s state university system consists of ten colleges governed by the University of Hawai’i which regulates how state awarded scholarships and grants are administered to students.

Regents Scholarship

  • Resident of Hawaii
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.5 and combined SAT score of 1950
  • Merit-based award for first-year students
  • Regents Scholars receive a full tuition waiver for four years of undergraduate study, and scholars receive $4,000 a year and a one-time travel grant of $2,000
  • Twenty recipients per year

To apply, all students must file the FAFSA®, award amounts are determined by the student’s college or university. Students must make sure they renew their scholarship each year, for a maximum of 4 years in awards.

Presidential Scholarship

This merit-based scholarship is given to juniors enrolled in any campus of the University of Hawaii pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

  • Resident of Hawaii
  • Merit-based award for incoming junior students
  • Must be enrolled in a University of Hawaii campus
  • Presidential Scholars receive a full tuition waiver for two years of undergraduate study. All scholars receive $4,000 a year and a one-time travel grant of $2,000
  • Ten recipients per year

To apply, students must complete the FAFSA® and fill out a yearly loan application.

In addition to the financial aid listed above, Hawaii colleges and universities offer financial assistance to Hawaii state residents that is not available for out-of-state students.

Find more information on Hawaii’s state financial aid site.