New York State Aid: Grants & Scholarships

If you’re a New York state resident attending an in-state school, you have several grants, scholarships, and award programs available to you. Many of these require that you attend the State University of New York (SUNY) or City University of New York (CUNY), while others are available for students headed to any public or private school in the state. Check out these opportunities for valuable financial assistance.

The state of New York has its own deadline for state aid.

New York  June 30th, 2021 – To apply for state grants and scholarships, be sure to submit your application by this day by midnight CT. 

New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

New York’s TAP awards up to $5,165 annually to eligible residents. To apply, you must attend an approved institution in the state and fall within the income limits. This is a grant and does not need to be paid back.

Part-Time TAP

This grant is available to students who meet the income and enrollment guidelines of TAP. Applicants must also have at least 12 credits from each of the two previous consecutive semesters.

New York State Aid for Part-Time Study (APTS)

The APTS program is designed for students taking at least three but fewer than 12 semester hours per semester, and at least four but fewer than eight credit hours each trimester. Eligibility is based on income limits. The program awards up to $2,000 per year.

New York State Part-Time Scholarship Award

This scholarship is available to SUNY and CUNY Community College students who maintain a 2.0 GPA and part-time enrollment. The NYS Part-Time Scholarship (PTS) Award provides up to $1,500 each semester for up to two years.

Excelsior Scholarship

This scholarship covers tuition for eligible SUNY and CUNY students whose families are below the income threshold. This income limit is $110,000 for 2018 and $125,000 for 2019 and beyond.

Enhanced Tuition Awards

Students attending private college in New York state are eligible for up to $3,000 in aid with Enhanced Tuition Rewards. Participating colleges must match the sum of the award and freeze the student’s tuition for the duration of the award.

NYS Child Welfare Worker Incentive Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is designed for current child welfare workers who want to continue their education. Applicants must have a minimum of two years’ experience and be a current child welfare worker at a voluntary not-for-profit child welfare agency in New York that’s licensed by the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). Recipients can use the scholarship to fund a two-year associate’s degree, four-year bachelor’s degree, or two-year graduate degree. After graduating, participants in this program must spend at least five years working at a voluntary not-for-profit child welfare agency that’s licensed by OCFS.

NYS Scholarships for Academic Excellence

Graduates of New York state high schools may apply for NYS Scholarships for Academic Excellence. The state awards 8,000 scholarships each year. Two thousand of these are worth $1,500 and 6,000 are worth $500. Applicants are evaluated based on their grades in Regents exams.

New York State Achievement and Investment in Merit Scholarship

This award, referred to more simply as the NY-AIMS, is available to graduates of New York state high schools who have achieved academic excellence. Applicants must have two of the following core qualifications:

  • A GPA of 3.3 or higher
  • Receipt of a New York State Regents diploma with honors
  • A score of 3 or higher on two or more AP exams
  • Placement within the top 15 percent of the graduating class

This scholarship awards $500 to up to 5,000 qualifying students.

NYS Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Incentive Program

Students in the top 10 percent of their high school graduating class who are pursuing a STEM career may apply for this scholarship. The award will cover up to four years of full-time study in an approved field. Upon graduation, recipients must reside in New York state and work in the STEM field in the state for at least five years.

NYS Math and Science Teaching Incentive Program

Students interested in teaching math or science in secondary school can apply for this scholarship. Recipients may receive up to four years of full-time tuition payments that are equal to the tuition charged for an undergraduate program at SUNY or the actual cost of their tuition, whichever is less. Upon graduation, recipients must teach full-time as a math or science teacher in secondary education in New York state.

NYS World Trade Center Memorial Scholarship

Financial dependents of victims who died or were severely disabled in the events of September 11, 2001 can apply for the World Trade Center Memorial Scholarship. Survivors of September 11 who were severely or permanently disabled may also apply. This award is available for full-time students.

NYS Masters-in-Education Teacher Incentive Scholarship

With this scholarship, students can receive the full sum of their tuition for a master’s degree at a SUNY or CUNY college or university. On graduation from this program, students much teach for five years at a public elementary or secondary school in New York state.

Senator Patricia K. McGee Nursing Faculty Scholarship

This scholarship program is designed to encourage students to become nursing teachers and clinical faculty members. To apply for the Senator Patricia K. McGee Nursing Faculty Scholarship, you must be a registered nurse licensed to practice in New York state who is enrolled at an accredited school in a master’s or doctorate level program in nursing.

Select programs that qualify the student to work as nursing faculty may also qualify. Recipients of the scholarship must sign a contract stating that they will work as nursing faculty or adjunct clinical faculty in New York state for at least four years upon graduation.

Military Enhanced Recognition Incentive and Tribute Scholarship

The MERIT scholarship, also known as the Military Service Recognition Scholarship (MSRS) provides financial aid to the financial dependents of those in the armed forces who died or became severely disabled as a result of activities with the armed forces. The parent or spouse must have served on or after August 2, 1990 while a resident of New York state.

Flight 3407 Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship exists for financial dependents of those who died as a result of the crash of Continental Airlines Flight 3407 on February 12, 2009. It is available for full-time students for not more than four years of undergraduate study. Five years of scholarships are available for select programs that require an extra year of study.

Flight 587 Memorial Scholarship

Children, spouses, and other financial dependents of those who died as a result of the crash of American Airlines Flight 587 may receive this scholarship. Rewards vary depending on whether the student lives on or off campus. Applicants must be enrolled full-time to qualify.

NYS Memorial Scholarship

The NYS Memorial Scholarship for Families of Deceased Firefighters, Volunteer Firefighters, Police Officers, and Emergency Medical Service Workers offers financial assistance to financial dependents of those professionals listed in the title who have died as a result of injuries sustained in the line of duty. Students who have a parent or spouse who died while in service to the state of New York may be eligible for this reward.

Veterans Tuition Award

These awards are available for eligible veterans discharged under honorable conditions who are enrolled in an approved program in New York state. Applicants for this award must also apply for TAP.

NYS Regents Awards for Children of Deceased and Disabled Veterans

Applicants whose parents served in the U.S. Armed Forces during specified periods are eligible for these NYS Regents Awards. Recipients receive $450 per year.

NYS Aid to Native Americans

These awards are available to members of a New York state tribe as well as their children. An award of up to $2,000 per year is available for up to four years of full-time study. Smaller awards are available for part-time students.

Segal AmeriCorps Education Award

Individuals who successfully complete a term of service with AmeriCorps are eligible for this education award. Applicants must be residents of New York state and attending an approved educational institution.

If you’re looking for financial assistance that will make it easier for you to attend college in New York state, these programs can supplement federal and private student loans with state aid. Add these to your arsenal of potential sources for financial assistance and start tackling those applications.