What is TASFA?

TASFA stands for the Texas Application for State Financial Aid. It’s meant for students who are ineligible for federal aid through FAFSA® who are Texas residents, and went to high school for at least three years in the state. These include, but are not limited to, foreign nationals, legal permanent residents, and eligible non-citizens. You can only apply for either FAFSA or TASFA, not both.

TASFA is a purely informational application, it doesn’t itself give out any aid. Rather, it provides the information schools need to give out aid themselves. Not all Texas schools take TASFA, you can find a list of the ones that do here.

Once you successfully submit the application to your schools, you become eligible for state aid programs such as the Texas Excellence Grant and Texas Top 10% Scholarship. The maximum for these scholarships for 2020-2021 school year was set at $6080 and $2000 respectively, so that gives you an idea of how much aid people can generally receive.

The priority deadline for the 2018-2019 school year is March 15, 2018, once the deadline has passed an applicant may have their aid delayed or denied. The aid is awarded in order of submission so the earlier you apply, the better chance you have of receiving more money. The aid is commonly disbursed in accordance with the term structure of each school, so twice for semester systems, and 3 for trimesters.

Males between 18-25 who are not on a student or visitor visa and aren’t covered by diplomatic immunity, must register for selective service. You will be ineligible for state aid if you meet the criteria and don’t register. If you have trouble applying online, there are copies of the registration form at every post office.

The application form (Spanish application form) is fairly straightforward beside some tax questions which might take a little due diligence. If you are eligible for TASFA, it’s well worth it to take the time to fill it out and receive the need-based aid. There are also Texas specific tuition exemptions for public schools you may be eligible for if you meet the requirements. When it comes to aid it’s best to apply early, there is a lot  out there if you take the time to research and apply.