College Freshman Tips

Tips for a college freshman adjusting to university life include making a study schedule, learning the layout of the campus, and participating in school activities. An active role in campus life and academics will help to stave off homesickness while informing freshmen about their possible career paths.

Get to Know Your School

Learn the ins and outs of your school. Find the perfect study spots, explore your residence hall, and do any and every orientation offered for freshmen. The goal here is to learn your way around campus as quickly as you can. Take a walk to your classes before they start so you can time your journey. Invite your roommates or other people in your residence hall to come with you, too. Everyone is new, and part of getting to know your school is getting to know the people in it.

Make a Study Schedule

In high school, your teachers reminded you when things were due and when you had a test coming up. You went to school every day, so forgetting about classes or tests didn’t happen. In college, your professors may remind you that you have assignments due, or they may simply write it on the syllabus and expect you to turn it in on time. The academic atmosphere is different in college because more responsibility is on your shoulders. Get a planner app and create a schedule so you never miss assignments or exams.

Connect With Professors

Professors want to get to know their students. Every professor has office hours, so take advantage. Whether you have a question about the class, are interested in the field as a major, or simply want to say hi, stop by for office hours. You don’t have to stay long, just introduce yourself and let the professor put a face and a personality with your name.

Take Advantage of School Activities

Studying and going to class is an important part of college, but it should not be your whole life. College campuses are full of clubs, activities, sports, and student gatherings. There’s bound to be something that piques your interest, so go exploring. If you love to read, head to the English Department and find a book club. If you love to watch sports, check out the college games. Look out for free events, like author readings, student plays, and food functions, too.

Give Yourself Time to Choose a Major

A few lucky people know, at age 18, exactly the career they want to pursue. Most people need to explore to figure that out. During your freshman year, don’t worry about declaring your major. Take core classes and explore subjects you’re interested in. You might discover that the things you liked in high school no longer fit your personality or that something you never considered is wildly interesting.

The opportunities for you on your college campus are manifold. Choose the ones that make you happy and integrate them with your academic schedule. Make time for yourself, for your friends, and for your newly developing life.