What Is College All About?

College is all about getting an education, but it can also open doors for better career opportunities, help you develop life skills, explore subjects more deeply, and allow you to form deep, meaningful relationships with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. By choosing to attend college, you’ll increase your earning potential throughout your career and increase the job opportunities available to you.

Better Career Opportunities

It’s no secret that the top jobs are only available to applicants who have graduated from college. Leadership opportunities, jobs that involve critical thinking, and positions that have clear growth potential nearly always include at least a bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite to apply. When you complete college, you’ll increase your potential to get better jobs and advance in your career.

Earning a degree also translates to more money throughout your working life. The median weekly salary for a high school graduate is $679 while the weekly salary average with a bachelor’s degree is $1,155. This marks a significant increase, which could add up to more than $24,000 per year.

Develop Life Skills

College courses are more challenging than high school classes, so students in college have to work harder to succeed. Strengthening your work ethic is just one of the life skills you can learn when you attend college. Others include forming educated opinions, leading others, and working well in groups. These skills can help you stand out in job interviews and increase the opportunities for promotions.

Explore Subjects

When you’re in high school, you have minimal flexibility around the subjects you study. Every high school student must meet state and federally mandated requirements for specific curricula, so while you can choose a few classes that interest you, you’re also stuck in the subjects mandated by the government. In college, the endless possibilities give you more flexibility to study what is most appealing to you. If you aren’t sure what subjects you’re passionate about yet, start with the prerequisites at your college or university to get an idea of what you love.

Form Relationships

During your college years, you’re learning how to live on your own, take care of yourself, and handle your responsibilities. This critical phase in every young adult’s life will set the stage for adulthood, especially as you start your career and start paying your own way for housing and other living expenses. When you’re in this phase, it’s important to form relationships with people in similar situations for support.

In college, you’ll meet people who have come from around the world to attend the same school. Exposure to other cultures and personality types is also helpful for your life. Understanding and accepting people who are different from you is a necessary life skill that you’ll need in personal and professional relationships. Many college students form relationships that last a lifetime, and some students even meet their spouses during their college years.

College is all about finding yourself, figuring out what you want to study and the career path you hope to pursue and developing important skills.