Team | Frank

Who we are

The Frank team is driven by our shared belief that education is the best investment for our future. By implementing our diverse experience and expertise, we’re able to effectively empower our students.

Our mission

We work to create a world where quality education is affordable to all.

Our values

Together we work tirelessly to achieve our primary objective: Enabling students to get to and through higher education.
Our success is driven by taking initiative and holding ourselves accountable for results.
We respond to the changing landscape of education finance to best meet the needs of our students and families.
We operate openly and honestly -- both individually and as a team -- to build better relationships and create quality solutions.
The students we serve know they can count on us as they invest in their future.
At Frank, we believe that a positive outlook and an open mind are crucial to creating meaningful and lasting change.

Meet the team

Charlie Javice
Founder & CEO
Favorite college course:
Advance decision making systems
Olivier Amar
Chief Growth Officer
Favorite college course:
Product Strategy and Marketing
Matt Glazer
Chief Operating Officer
Favorite college course:
The Economics of Colleges and Universities
Patrick Vovor
Director Of Engineering at Frank
Favorite college course:
Probability, Statistics, and Information Theory
Ike Newman
Director of Finance
Favorite college course:
Industrial Organization & Competitive Pricing
Jennifer Wong
Head of Search
Favorite college course:
Globalization of Asian Cinema
Tif Wong
Head of Inbound
Favorite college course:
Autumn Haile
Content Manager
Favorite college course:
Music History
Jaime Oppenheim
Operations Manager
Favorite college course:
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Travis Collins
Lead QA & Backend Engineer
Favorite college course:
Software Synthesis
Charlotte Suitt
Product Designer
Favorite college course:
Revolutionary Ideas
Sammy Krouse
Product Manager
Favorite college course:
Modern and Contemporary American Poetry
Shaylee Mazzone
Marketing Associate
Favorite college course:
Italian Literature

Were hiring!

We are looking for talented, mission-drive people, that want to engage in meaningful work that will help thousands of students.