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Get Approved for up to $5,000! *


Frank can advance you up to $5,000* while you’re waiting for your financial aid. When your aid comes in, pay us back. You’ll enjoy all premium perks and a personal financial aid tutor.

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Frank Member

  • Discounts at thousands of retailers across the U.S.
  • 1-1 financial aid tutor session.
  • Scholarship curated for you.

Get Approved for
up to $5,000*

  • Take a picture or upload your tuition bill. This shows us the financial aid you’ll receive so we can advance you the money.

Get your cash

  • Frank will send you up to $5,000.*
  • Pay us back only when you get your aid.

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Get $5,469 of value for only $19.90 per month

Human Financial-Aid mentors that help you find the best way to pay for college

Get $5,469 of value for only $19.90 per month


Membership commitment for 1 year



• Up to $5,000 a year ($2,500 a semester) with a Frank Card*
• Just pay it back when your aid comes in 
• 0% APR and 0% interest on your early aid
• Discounts with dozens of stores
• Weekly scholarships & grants recommendation
• Frank’s 1-on-1 financial aid and FAFSA support

Members enjoy perks like:

Feature 1

One FREE first ride up to $20

Feature 2

10% OFF online purchases of $50 or more

Feature 3

Up to 40% OFF pre-paid tickets 

Feature 4

$7 OFF any purchases of $70 or more

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“I absolutely love this! Originally I went back to school at 25 because I just couldn’t afford it and then they say “oh here’s your financial aid” but you have to wait 3 months and it’s just that I can’t do that. And then I find Frank, and the entire reason I can get my bachelor’s degree is because your service exists.”


William P.

Bloomington, IL

Business Administration, American Public University

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* These funds represent an advanced portion of the financial aid already awarded to you. The money will be disbursed via a prepaid Visa debit card and/or a check to be mailed to your address within 1 business day, after we approve the advance. 61 days after the date of disbursement, you are required to repay Frank the funds you received. This offer is void where prohibited. You are under no obligation to enroll in the Frank Membership Card in order to receive your financial aid award.

We are not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Education. Federal Student Aid (FSA), an office of the U.S. Department of Education, makes the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form and assistance available to the public for free at

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