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Frank helps connect members of the military with financial aid that goes beyond the GI Bill. Why? Because you’ve earned it. We’ve got your six.

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Get the financial aid you deserve. Filing FAFSA® increases your eligibility for more financial aid. Through federal grants, scholarships, and loans, you could receive up to $35k towards your education. Plus, our team will be there for you. We’re just one email, chat, and SMS away.

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    File your application in minutes and get back to work. You only answer the questions that matter to your financial situation and leave the rest to us.
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    Never miss an important detail with our guided FAFSA® app. We take you step-by-step through the process to ensure success.
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    Finally, sign your completed FAFSA® application! You’re one step closer to securing financial aid for school.
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    From the moment you complete FAFSA®, you’ll have access to additional financial aid resources and tools to help you pay for your education.

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FAFSA® Simplified

The FAFSA® process is known for complicated language and confusion.We’ve simplified the entire process to take only a few minutes. Our team is always a chat or email away to guide you through the whole process.


Personalized Aid Appeal

Already received your financial aid package but didn’t get enough money for college? Ask for the money you need with aid appeal. Frank’s financial aid experts help you plead your case and access more grant money from your college.


Curated Scholarships

Claim a piece of the $6B scholarships offered to students each year. We do the research and send you a curated list of scholarships each week. Right to your inbox.


Real College Courses

We’ve partnered with over 130+ real colleges to offer thousands of discounted college courses online.


College Search Tools

Search for colleges that fit your goals. Frank’s College Search tool puts thousands of schools, and their information, at your fingertips.


Endless Resources

Our How To Pay For College resource answers all your FAFSA® and financial aid questions. Find what you need to confidently move forward with your education.

How to pay for college the smart way

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Can I Use my GI Bill and Still be Eligible for Federal Aid?

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Scholarships for Military Service

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The Military Guide to Tuition Assistance

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What Financial Aid Is Available for Military Dependents?

Significant financial aid is available for military dependents, like the Survivors’ and Dependents’ Education Assistance…

How Much Aid Can I Receive as a Veteran?

As a veteran, you can receive financial help in the form of low-interest loans, grants,…

What Financial Aid Is Available for Military Families?

Spouses and children in military families are eligible for some specific provisions of the Post-9/11…

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We simplified the process of obtaining financial aid for your degree down to minutes. Students filing with Frank are 3x more likely to complete FAFSA® and claim the aid they need for school – meaning paying for your college education just got easier.

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