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The FAFSA® process is known for complicated language and confusion.We’ve simplified the entire process to only minutes. Our team is always a chat or email away to guide you through the whole process.


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Already received your financial aid package but didn’t get enough money for college? Ask for the money you need with aid appeal. Frank’s financial aid experts help you plead your case and access more grant money from your college.


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Claim a piece of the $6B scholarships offered to students each year. We do the research and send you a curated list of scholarships each week. Right to your inbox.


Real College Courses

We’ve partnered with over 130+ real colleges to offer thousands of discounted college courses online. If your child is looking to get ahead for college, or make up for a few missed credits, we have you covered.


College Search Tools

Search for colleges that fit your child’s goals. Frank’s College Search tool puts thousands of schools, and their information, at your fingertips.


Endless Resources

Our How To Pay For College resource answers all your FAFSA® and financial aid questions. Find what you need to confidently move forward with your child’s aid application.

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FAQs for Parents

Should I use my name or the student’s name to sign up?
The application belongs to the student, so it’s important to use the student’s name when signing up with Frank. Make sure to enter the student’s name as it appears on important identification documents, such as their driver’s license, state ID, or Social Security card.
The student’s parents are divorced. Which parent should they list on their application?

The FSA requires students to list their primary parent on their application. The primary parent is determined as follows:

  • Which parent did the student live with more over the past 12 months?
  • If the student lived with both parents for an equal period over the past 12 months, which parent provided greater financial support?
If both parents provided equal financial support, the student can choose either parent to be their primary parent for FAFSA® purposes. Please note that if the primary parent has remarried, they will also need to include their spouse (the student’s stepparent) on the application.

The student does not live with me, and pays their own bills, why do I need to be involved?
The simple answer is that federal law assumes parents will contribute financially to a student’s education until the student is no longer considered “dependent” for FAFSA® purposes. You can read more about the FSA’s dependency guidelines. Dependent students whose parents do not fill out the parent section of the FAFSA® will not be eligible for most forms of financial aid. It’s important to remember that by including your information on the FAFSA®, you are not agreeing to pay for anything, nor are you co-signing any loans.
Do I need my own FSA ID?
Dependent students will need one parent to sign their FAFSA®, so that parent will need to create their own FSA ID. The FSA ID is tied to an individual’s social security number, so the parent can’t share an FSA ID with their child. You will be able to use the same FSA ID to sign the FAFSA® for each child you have. Please be advised that your Federal Student Aid (“FSA”) ID should never be shared. It’s your responsibility to submit the FAFSA® using your unique FSA ID and signature.
Our family’s finances have changed in the last two years, what should we do?
Schools have a process in place for this situation, so don’t panic! First, fill out the FAFSA, answering all of the financial questions truthfully and accurately, even if those answers do not reflect your current financial reality. Once you have completed and signed the FAFSA, contact the financial aid office at each school you and the student listed on the application, explain that your finances have changed, and request a “professional judgment.” The school will tell you what to do next!

Don’t miss out on aid. File your FAFSA ® with Frank and complete the application in minutes.

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