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We believe in empowering students with resources to help them improve their financial lives. That’s why we work hard to put resources into the hands of students, parents, and institutions.

Frank in the Media

  • Pivoting Enables Startup To Lower College Tuition By Simplifying Financial Aid Process
    “The Frank FAFSA® form is similar to TurboTax but for financial aid,” Javice said. It makes it easy to prepare your application and file it…”
  • Why it’s time to invest in building an inclusive culture, not more diversity programs
    “Charlie Javice, the founder of fintech startup Frank, says the choice to delay or simply not think about hiring inclusively from the very beginning…”
  • Financial aid-focused Frank expands into helping students take online classes
    “Frank, a startup best known for helping college students secure and manage financial aid, is expanding into a new part of the edtech world.…”

Featured Covid-19 Resources

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Resources for students

A Step by Step guide to creating your FSA ID

Learn more about creating an FSA ID

How Much Money Can You Get From FAFSA®?

Wondering how much money you can get from filing FAFSA® each year? It’s highly dependent on you and your family’s financial situation.

How to Sign Your FAFSA® with an FSA ID

Struggling to sign your FAFSA®? Unsure how to do it with an FSA ID? We can help! This video walks you through the process step-by-step so you never get it wrong again!

The FRANK Guide to Aid Appeal

Need help getting more financial aid for college? Consider filing an aid appeal by following these simple steps.

Budget Busting Ways to Save Money on College

Looking for budget busting ways to save money on your college tuition? Access the tips you need to stay on track to a successful financial future and search for discounted classes at Classfinder now!

Do you have to pay Pell Grant money back?

Learn more about how the Pell Grant works.

Charlie Javice
Founder & CEO

27-year-old Charlie Javice is the founder and CEO of Frank, a New York City-based college aid advocacy that helps students afford the college of their dreams without being crushed by student debt. In over two years, the company helped about 350,000 students find about $7 billion in aid – for free

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We deliver a high touch support model that has three times the FAFSA® completion rate. Higher completion rates, higher attendance rates, higher
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